It's been a while I know....

I have to be honest about something, I haven't been sharing much and this is why. My kids are incredibly sick and a few weeks ago one of my sons went catatonic and it hit us like a ton of bricks. He's going to die unless we take drastic measures.

I have 17 year old boys and they have Chronic Lyme disease...and It really sucks. Neither of them have been to school in 2-3 years. They cant read, cant go out in daylight, can barely walk and symptoms go from awful to grave, daily. 

We have spent thousands trying to heal them on doctors all over the East Coast and Colorado. Three weeks ago we made a decision to ask for help and get them to Germany for Hyperthermia and blood cleansing. We leave in two weeks and we could have never done this without putting it out there and asking for help. We feel so much love and support, I think this experience has changed us all for life. The boys and I are going to the St George Klinic in Bad Aibling, Germany. Kyle will stay home to run his business and take care of our pooch. We have friends, people we love who have been saved by doing this. I'm not saying this is a complete cure but I'm hoping it brings the boys enough wellness to continue treatment.

Bless you all and stay well.