Myth buster number one : You have to suffer to be an artist

Healing Notes 

Myth buster number one : You have to suffer to be an artist

The self Imposed physical suffering. 

After having had a traumatic head injury.  Art began a healing process that was all encompassing.  My artistic process in the beginning while I was healing was a complete enrapture, lost in the alchemy of the muse. Llke being punch drunk I forgot to eat , take naps ( which my brain needed to heal) forgot to move my body ( I practice Kundalini yoga, good for the mind and body) and basically fell apart when I came home. Not good on the kids and hubby either.

There are some very simple rules to follow when living a healthy life as an artist.

Take care of yourself first. Get the body moving every morning - very important when you are standing or sitting in the same position for hours working on a piece of art.

Eat three healthy meals a day and two snacks. Creating burns a ton of calories and is exhausting

I like to start out with a green drink sometimes I have two a day. Spinach, Kale, berries, lime, parsley whatever’s in the fridge. Almonds are my favorite snack in the studio. Lots of Protein keeps my energy up.

Take a nap- everything will still be there when you wake up - 30 mins makes all the difference for me.