Painting... in my liminal state...

Painting right now is an expressive exercise in my liminal state, a disorientation or ambiguity that is occurring in the threshold between my previous way of structuring my identity, time, community and a new way which ritual establishes. 

Still healing... I've always been an artist, I've expressed my art my whole life in numerous ways, but this new place is filled with vibrant energy, less hesitation, lots of stamina. I guess when you bang your head as hard as I did you know longer give the power away to the inner critic. Who cares!!! life is precious and too short.

Lucid dreaming of cellular healing. I find if I meditate on my healing it works!

Playing with the identity of cell structure and the cosmos, merging, growing, and splitting off to propagate these worlds flow out of me. I feel like I'm on my way to where I started.

This past weekend I taught a healing and creativity workshop to a beautiful group of women on a Kundalini retreat.

I did a guided meditation and painting session — two of the women complained they didn’t like art, weren’t creative and wouldn’t be able to come up with anything.

By the time we were done they were the happiest in the group — it felt amazing to pass this along!