One year later...

        (Originally posted on my Tumblr blog)

One year later things have changed, lots of healing has taken place... My husband and children hold my heart close. The head injury makes me very cranky and impatient, and I work on patience and tolerance daily...especially with myself.. a long way to go.

The brain is definitely better. No more manic episodes, yay ( those were not fun), less lows. But still very sensitive and cannot handle stress... right out!

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation are my saving graces—I love it—the slowness, the stillness, the Kirtan music... all gifts

The repetition in Kundalini increased my energetic capacities and brings oxygen to my brain, almost like someone lifting a shade, colors are brighter, sounds are clearer. I find the more I practice, the more I feel present, trauma heals, and physical connections blossom. It has been proven the brain and nervous system repair and actually change patterns with repetition. 

Adding ART to this immediately increased how fast the healing took place. The more creative I get the more my brain is waking up from this nightmare that has been my life these last three years... Got a beautiful studio to call my own. My inner goddess has awakened... Yoga, meditation,  and ART are my recipe for a new life.