A knock on the head…a new beginning...

        (Originally posted on my Tumblr blog)

I landed in Denver on August 31st 2011. On Sept. 9th while putting things away in the kitchen on a small stool I slipped on some water from the open dishwasher, hit the corner of a wall on my temple and suffered a major concussion, days of vomiting and emergency room visits followed. It wasn’t my first, in fact I’ve had a few concussions, but none have taken me on this road before.

I had had a traumatic brain injury. A year of not being able to walk, talk, or feel like I was in my body followed.

I was an artist, a designer, and an editor in my former life, now I don't know who I am.

A new friend recommended a great Yoga teacher who could come to my house and give me private lessons, twice a week, it helps, I love it, love the music.

Oh I didn’t tell you all... I lost music in one of my concussions... it all sounded like noise, and for a clubbing girl from New York that was tough—I loved Music.

But its back!!!!  Yay. 


It’s still very hard putting words down. Never the greatest typer, it is now almost impossible. One very slow finger and a brain that types words I’m not thinking. It’s frustrating. I still see people looking at me like they’re waiting for something—a response… yeah, sometimes that takes awhile. I often feel inappropriate... I’m sort of on a three-second delay... I see the car door opening and my brain says “now what?”, Ohhh you want me to get out... yeah that takes a moment. I tell everyone to please excuse my three-second delay.

Crossing the street is tough—not sure when to go... takes a little longer. Noticed that when I'm tired I start bending over to the right side and my speech starts to go. I walked and talked like I had a stroke the first six months... my husband said it was very scary, I was just gone.

But it is definitely better. At least I’m driving and I know what the lights mean, that took awhile. My car was filled with post it notes. Green GO, Red STOP, Yellow YIELD.

Don’t worry I drive carefully on back roads... no highways!