It's August already!!!!

I can't believe how time has flown by. My Work continues to grow and is constantly bringing me joy.  

Sold a huge commission for a client in the Spring in Denver. Finishing up three more for a client in New York. Commissions can be wonderful as long as everyone is on the same page. There is nothing like hanging a painting in a home or office for someone who really loves it.

I just started working with Slate Gray Gallery in Telluride, if you are in the area stop by to see some of my work in person. They sold my favorite painting I've ever done. I still have stomach pangs thinking about it. As an artist letting go of art you really love happens a lot, we all need to make money and make way for new art to happen. Making space for birthing new work is part of the process.

Thank you to everyone thinking about my children and their health journey. Tick borne illnesses take time and because there is no research being done were all on our own. I thank God for the amazing Parents and children I've met who are part of our support group.

Best, Gaby

Shows here and there...

Shows here and there... Ive been caring for my children who have Lyme disease these past six months. Taking care of Lyme patients is really a full time job with all the pills, Iv's, And drops I doll out four times a day. We did take a trip to Germany for a visit to the St. George Klinic in Bad Aibling near Munich for three weeks for special treatment. It did wonders for the boys, Oliver who had been in a wheel chair for two years is walking again and we are so happy and grateful for that. But they are still very sick from Co-infections and emotions are up and down right now.

Before we left I had a solo show on Wazee Street in Denver with 18 pieces on show for a month.

I also had a beautiful center gallery show in Artwork Network in Denver on Sante Fe and will be back for two months in December and January. I'm in the downstairs center Gallery for December and January. Please come by if your in Denver. I'll have 9 large pieces and some smalls on show.

I also did a lovely show at Art Gym Denver. A glorious place to work and show for visual artists, curated by the smart and talented Elke Sahr McGuire.

Unfortunately I didn't participate in any of these shows much because of Germany. Sold a couple of pieces.

So here I am struggling to get in the flow of working again. I'm doing a lot of small inexpensive pieces that will be for sale the first Friday in Denver at Artwork Network. Please stop by for gifts and ideas for the holiday season.

It's been a while I know....

I have to be honest about something, I haven't been sharing much and this is why. My kids are incredibly sick and a few weeks ago one of my sons went catatonic and it hit us like a ton of bricks. He's going to die unless we take drastic measures.

I have 17 year old boys and they have Chronic Lyme disease...and It really sucks. Neither of them have been to school in 2-3 years. They cant read, cant go out in daylight, can barely walk and symptoms go from awful to grave, daily. 

We have spent thousands trying to heal them on doctors all over the East Coast and Colorado. Three weeks ago we made a decision to ask for help and get them to Germany for Hyperthermia and blood cleansing. We leave in two weeks and we could have never done this without putting it out there and asking for help. We feel so much love and support, I think this experience has changed us all for life. The boys and I are going to the St George Klinic in Bad Aibling, Germany. Kyle will stay home to run his business and take care of our pooch. We have friends, people we love who have been saved by doing this. I'm not saying this is a complete cure but I'm hoping it brings the boys enough wellness to continue treatment.

Bless you all and stay well. 



Cafe Aion and Colours Salon

If you are in Boulder January and February please stop by and see two shows I'm doing right now.

Paul Morrison's Colours Salon and Gallery, 2015 15th Street until February 7th. 

A gorgeous space and Salon.

Cafe Aion 's Gallery, 1235 Pennsylvania Ave
in Boulder until March 1st!

Fabulous Tapas and Wine!



Goodbye 2015

I don't know about you but 2015 has been a really rough one for me.

My twin teenage sons and I have Lyme disease and it's been kicking our butts! 

I haven't been posting much here because I'm swamped with the daily care of pills and potions I get to mix up and make sure we all take along with trying to eat gluten free healthy meals and keeping doctor appointments.

All of this and trying to paint everyday, meditate and throw in some pilates and yoga a couple times a week ..keeps a woman busy!!!  

Did I mention were moving..?  Yep going to Denver to be closer to Kyles Job and Our Lyme Doc. I'm very excited for the new start, Denver is on;y an hour away from Boulder but the Art community is much larger! Also closer to the airport, closer to NYC..I need my fix a few times a year!

So when you hear from me next I'll share some new studio pics. Till then follow me on Facebook and instagram! 

xoxo Gaby


Open Studios in Boulder

Open Studios was the first two weekends in Boulder. A juried show, it was lovely to be a part of.

I look forward to doing it again in the future.

I am still doing first Fridays of the month and looking forward to seeing you guys on November 6th if you are in Boulder.

New art is out especially lots of framed pieces, so stop by!

4949 N Broadway studio 102 A