Organic Play

Midnight Underwater View


24 x 24 x 1.5 Acrylic on canvas wired and ready to hang.

This piece is part of a series called: Organic Play

Swimming under water I take moment to look up at the stars, it's beautiful.
 A river charts its own course and when it meets another, the deep waters collide; the currents swirl and twist and bend the colors, exposing the only possible outcome… organic beauty.

There is tangible, recognizable connective tissue that connects my work. From the vastness of the cosmos to the intricate branching patterns within each of our life-giving cells. Each is unique, each is identical.

I attempt to capture the states and stages of the dynamic energy that surrounds and fills us, constantly shifting and transforming our universes, too small to understand and too vast to comprehend… and recognizing that the patterns of change are the only constant we have.

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