About the Artist

Being creative is as natural as the air I breathe. I was fortunate to have grown up in New York in a very artistic environment. 

I started my early art training at The Art Students' League in New York and Grove Arts in California and SVA in New York. In 1994, I co-founded “Urban Desires”... the first online art and culture magazine on the web. Urban Desires allowed me to explore and influence art in its many forms and won numerous awards and worldwide praise.

During this time I exhibited and curated, in places including, The Elga Wimmer Gallery; Thompson Street Gallery; and The Manhattan Childrens Museum. I also sat on the Board of "Eyebeam Atelier", a Johnson & Johnson funded Arts Organization. At Eyebeam I was instrumental in creating  "Digital Daycamp," an after-school digital arts program working in conjunction with New York City Public High Schools.

When my husbands work took me west to Colorado, I suffered a traumatic brain injury within the first week  we arrived in Boulder.  It wasn't until a year and a half after that incident during recovery that I decided to paint again, full time. It took a literal knock on the head to bring me clarity of how precious time is in our lives, and how much I want to create in the time I have left!

My work is shown in galleries worldwide, and online, collected privately and in the corporate and hospitality space. Corporate clients include Cultivate, Moden Inc., Storyvine Inc., Denver, and Conversify.  I do commission work for private and institutional clients.

I currently live and paint in Denver, Co.

Gaby in her Denver studio.

Gaby in her Denver studio.